Clothing is a expressive language that enhances people's lives through functionality. When both functionality and a unique aesthetic is satisfied, a good design is defined. I want to make clothing that accentuates female beauty with confidence.

Story telling through clothing is inspirational, accompanied by functionality that elevates people's lifestyle. Even though I value functionality, I find more pleasure in the aesthetic elements of fashion as a form of expression. Personally, I favour clothing that fits the body in combination with exaggerated silhouettes, expressing the confident yet delicate nature of women. My most recent design aesthetic is defined as a feminine representation of elegance, while partially embracing masculine elements with whimsical twists. My aesthetics today are highly influenced by my experience in New York, while embracing my background growing up in Myanmar. My memories of Myanmar are full of lively colours, loose fit clothing, with summer all year long. There is a sense of delicacy and softness in Burmese language and gestures. The underdeveloped environment of Myanmar influenced my designs to be more inspired by emotions and mythical stories in combination to bold and structured silhouettes derived from New York's chic monotonous, and fast paced environment.